Crossing the Great Lakes by SUP to benefit lakes big and small.

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In late June, we will be attempting to cross our second Great Lake, Lake Huron, from Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary to the Shores of Canada, by stand-up paddleboard. But why put in all the effort and take all the risks to attempt such a crossing?

It boils down to three reasons.


The Great Lakes are the


collection of fresh water in the world.

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Crossing Lake Michigan by SUP

There’s lots happening at Stand Up for Great Lakes as we attempt to cross Lake Michigan, from Wisconsin to Michigan, by stand-up paddleboard. Firstly, our team has settled on a target date. We’re going to make the attempt around August 25-26, 2014. Obviously, this will depend entirely on the weather. We’re not paddling across in […]

A Great Team

While paddling for perhaps 20 hours straight across 60 miles of open water is a pretty tough challenge, we’re hopeful that that burden will be lightened by have such a great group of friends making the journey. Our team consists of the following hopefuls:

The Safety Factor

Crossing nearly 60 miles of open water on the Great Lakes is not to be taken lightly. You only need to look at a map marking all the shipwrecks on the Great Lakes to realize how potentially hazardous they can be. Conditions on the lakes can change rapidly, and even well-equipped vessels can quickly find […]

SUP Across Lake Michigan

It began with a love of the water. It will culminate, all going well, with five people successfully crossing Lake Michigan by stand up paddle board. The idea is hardly unique. Anyone standing on the shore of a large body of water wonders for a moment about what it would take to cross it. Whether […]

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